Review FujiFilm XF 80mm Macro

This little bewty has a stabilisation system capable of a 5 stop range, which to me personally really makes this lens. Comes in handy when hung over on shoot day and you having difficulty keeping your hand steady. Especially when coupled with the 2.8 aperture. Best thing about this combo is the ability to shoot hand held at lower ISO.


Great photo shoot with Anya last week. The brief to capture some head shots to send off for audition applications. Wishing Anya all the Success.


A great location for some reportage family photography. I was asked to naturally capture the bond between the two brothers. The black and white finish refines focus to the moment.

Atlantic Blankets 2018

Spent a few days with the team over at Atlantic Blankets in Peranporth. Shooting a variety of images ranging from product still to stylising the product on a model. Get in touch to see how we can help you and your company.