Well you made it this far, I must be doing something right. So thank you for that. With there being so many corporate approaches to describing your product or service, I though I’d opt for the more personal approach. So firstly, a little background info.

My Story

I got into photography at the age of 17 whilst recovering from an illness (Crohn’s disease). It became my therapy and focus during my recovery. Little did I know, that later on, it would soon become such a dominating factor in my life. Photography became my source of creativity and totally changed my perspective on how I see the world. My imagination was on fire.

“Lee has built a successful career as a professional photographer in Cornwall combining his love of telling stories through photography with his unique personal style.”

I’ve always worked in the photography industry, I started out working for H Tempest and then went onto manage and work in various photography outlets before taking the plunge and heading out into life as a full time photographer. Which wasn’t an easy decision to make, I mean, I would be going from a full time wage packet to me being stood holding a camera and no wages. However I did have passion and time on my side, the perfect combination to make this happen.

Where’s it taken me?

Well, as you can can see from my website I offer a variety of photography services and you could be here for any one of them. I often wonder if having such a wide range of services available would, in someways, seem less appealing than perhaps a photographer who specialises in what you are looking for. For me photography is all about photographing light, understanding it and how it has the ability to transform a subject into something truly spectacular. Having such a diverse background in photography enables me to apply all my knowledge into working with you. Whether it be photographing your wedding day or shooting a pasty for Philps, I put my heart and soul into it. 19 years working as a full time photographer, still going strong and loving it.

“What makes Lee stand out from the crowd is his instinctive and natural style combined with his easy-going and humorous personality which results in his wedding clients sending him genuine, heartfelt testimonials time after time.”