Ok so after switching  to Fuji 6 months ago  I've been more than happy with my decision. However I'm a keen user of off camera flash and when i decided to check out the market and see what was available for the X series Cameras  I was shocked to find that no one has boarded the Fuji train yet... are they Mad!  

It seems that all the rage at the moment is HSS, being able to shoot at wider apertures and faster shutter speeds. Personally i can handle not having it, Ive done without it before and ill do without it now. Just let me know as soon as someone makes one for Fuji, take my money. However for now all I would like to have is just a normal flash system that works with one transmitter with the ability to control the power from the transmitter. No need for extra receivers hanging from the lights. 

I looked into a variety of flash brands that all showed the potential to crack the Fuji barrier. The potential contenders I found were Phottix, Godox, Elinchrom, Profoto and Interfit. 

After trawling numerous you tube videos and really digging deep into the whole Fuji off camera flash system I decided that the best way would be to try them out. 

My biggest concern was that the Fuji X-T2 has a similar pin-out to Canon when it comes to mounting on the hot shoe. I know this as I have a canon off camera cord which works manually when connected to my Fuji X-T2. So this leads me to my question. Will any of the current light systems that offer Canon triggers for there systems enable me to fire the lights and maintain full power controls from the Canon dedicated remote?


Interfit S1 and Canon Trigger - Untested

Phottix Indra and Canon Odin II Transmitter - Untested

Godox Ad200 and X1 Canon Transmitter - Tested and works


Well its official, the AD200 Godox portable flash light and the Godox X1-C trigger works on the Fuji X-t2. 

All you have to do is set the X1 transmitter on custom function 01 to single pin mode and your good to go. You have full control over groups and power settings on multiple channels. However HSS doesn't work. I haven't tried TTL but I  don't really care to much about that. I'm chuffed that its firing in Manual. Ill post a video shortly to go with this demonstrating how it works.