Do I need Lightroom Presets in my Workflow? 

I've never really used them to be fair. I  always see references to them online in adverts but I've never really given them a proper try. I was happy with my editing process until I was contacted by Sleeklens, a Company that offer a wide range of Lightroom and Photoshop Workflows. If there was any time to give workflow presets a go, then this was it.  I happily obliged and ventured into the Lightroom presets world offered by Sleeklens. 


What Lightroom Presets do they Offer?

The one I opted for to try out first, was the Grayscale Essentials Lightroom Workflow. Being partial to a good black and white image I figured this would be a great place to start. They do offer a wide range of other presets which I haven't yet tried. However, you can get your hands on them here. Sleeklens Lightroom Presets.


A brief overview of what you will get in the Grayscale Essentials:

  • 75 presets and 17 Brushes for Black and white Photography
  • Presets and Brushes that are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Presets and Brushes that work with both JPEG and RAW images
  • B&W Presets and Brushes that work on both Mac and PCs
  • A guide on how to layer/Stack the Presets.
  • How to install the black and white Presets and Brushes
  • Recipe lists for the effects applied on the preview photos
  • Presets that are easy to adjust to fit your own style.
  • Exclusive access to our private Lightroom Help and Tutorial Facebook Group


How would it fit into my workflow?

OK, so as any photographer would agree, we take our images and workflow very seriously. Our workflow is something we have developed over our years as a photographer, a carefully refined process, something that makes us individual.  Can a preset really replace this?

For me the biggest hurdle to overcome with using presets is that it, kind of feels like, I'm handing the editing process over to someone else.

As I'm writing this, I'm starting to ponder the thought of these presets actually fitting in with my workflow. I mean, I could use them as a starting point and slightly tweak each one to the desired effect that suited my style.

OK, let's not ask too many questions before we've actually tested them out, so lets get stuck in.   


The Presets

As a starter I thought I'd use a wedding image on the Grayscale Esssentials Workflow and see what the outcome was. 

Original image chosen to test the Greyscale Presets for Lightroom from Sleeklens

 Above are some of my favourites from the Grayscale Essentials Workflow by Sleeklens. 

So my initial thought, after installing the presets and having a flick through them, is there are some absolute gems among the 75 effects. A great way to get a vintage effect in one click. Not only can you apply to one image, you can batch apply it to mulitple frames. I have a wedding coming up next week and ill be sure to put it to good use. 

Hopefully I'll get to try out some more so, Watch this space. 

If you are interested in picking up your very own Download of this, check out the link below and you to, could be on the way to producing stunning black and whites, in one click. 

More information on how to purchase and whats on offer :


Thank you to Sleeklens for the opportunity to get involved. Keep up the good work. 


Lee Searle